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Q: What does recess mean?
A: in a school day for children to play, usually outside in a playground.
Q: What does recess mean?
A: A break in between something.

When kids finish eating lunch at school they can go out for recess (extra time before class starts again). "There's only 5 minutes left of recess."

The word can also be used in an official office as well. "We will adjourn and return after a 10 minute recess." You would hear that in a court room.
Q: What does recess mean?
A: Recess is when students are at school and go outside to let loose and play with other kids after lunch
Q: What does "After that is recess which is 30 minutes long" mean?
A: "Recess" is a time for students to play or rest. At my school they call it 15分休み.

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Q: What is the difference between recess and break ?
A: @sue90 Yes, after thinking about it more, there are times when you could use "break" in a school setting as well. The association between "break" and school wasn't as strong in my mind as the association with "recess" and school, so I didn't think of that.

I also sometimes will post links to online dictionaries that I think do a better job of explaining things than I could. I know it might seem silly to just post links to dictionary definitions, but I think the difference should be clear after reading these.
Learner's definition of RECESS
[noncount] US : a short period of time during the school day when children can play
The students play outside after lunch and at/during recess.
Do you have morning recess?
— called also (British) playtime
: a usually brief period of time during which regular activity in a court of law or in a government stops
The judge called for a recess [=break] for lunch.
The Senate debates will continue after the August recess.
The Senate wanted to vote on the bill before recess.
Learner's definition of BREAK
to stop an activity (such as working) for a brief period of time
Q: What is the difference between recess and break ?
A: Good Question! Break is used more generally to mean that someone stopped working for a short period of time. Recess also means to stop working for a short period of time, but it is usually used in only 2 very different cases. "Recess" is used when talking about taking a break from a court or other official legal activity. "Recess" is also used to refer to a specific type of break time that happens for school children to play, usually outside on a playground if the weather is good.

They are also used a little differently. For the word "break" or when you are using "recess" talking about a legal activity, you would say that you "take a break" or "take a recess". But when you are talking about children in school, you would say they "have recess".

So, for example, if I have a job in an office, I might say
"I took a break to get lunch"
If I'm talking about my child at school, I might say
"He has recess for 15 minutes every day."
If I'm in a court room I may say
"The court may now take a short recess"
Q: What is the difference between recess and break ?
A: for me, both have the same meaning. but I usually use recess when I was in school.
Q: What is the difference between recess and recess ?
A: both are correct depending on meaning.

first pronunciation = breaktime, rest period.

second pronunciation = to recess, verb form of recession.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? (recess,time off or break?Which is more often used?Which is differ from the others?)
A: They all mean the same thing. However the words “break” and “time off” are most often used to describe this situation. “Recess” is uncommon.

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Q: I'm going to take a 5-min recess from now on
A: I'm going to take a five minute break. This would make more sense.
Q: At recess time, the girls skip, or walk around and talk.
Could you please show me what is ”skip” mean in this context? does this sound natural?
A: Wait I found a video!!
See what he is doing at the very beginning of the video.,
That’s skipping
Q: What exactly do you call a recess (hole? pit?) on an electric guitar in which a pickup fits?
A: I think it is called a pickup cavity
Q: How long do you get recess between each class? does this sound natural?
A: "How long is your recess between classes?" or "between classes, how much time do you get for recess?" might be more appropriate.

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