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Q: What is the difference between recollect and remember and recall ?
A: they are all very similar. Recollect and recall are both more formal and aren't used as often. I think those two also imply that what the person is talking about takes a bit more work to remember.
Q: What is the difference between recollect and memorize and remember ?
A: Remember and recollect have the same meaning. For example I can remember when she said that. and I can recollect that happening. Remember is definitely used more often in day to day conversations.

Memorise(UK) Memorize(US) is when you need to remember something. For example I'm going to memorise five English words today.
Q: What is the difference between recollect and recall ?
A: They both mean the same thing but recollect can also mean to take something back:

"He could not recollect the reason."
"You need to come recollect your jacket"

"I cannot recall the events of last night."
Q: What is the difference between recollect and recall ?
A: Recollect is for collecting something again after loosing it
Recall means to call back

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? recollect is the same as collect?
A: To recollect is to remember. Collect is to gather items and save them.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? can you say... recollect flowers? or the only correct verb would be collect?
A: Recollect is to remember.
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? в чем разница recollect , remember
A: What is the difference

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Q: If I want to recollect and repeat the English alphabet with my students how should I ask it? "Let's remember the alphabet"?
A: you could say “let’s practice the alphabet” or “let’s go through the alphabet”! if you wanted to make it a question, you could ask “Shall we practice the alphabet?”
Q: Please recollect a following sentence.

“I modified the following information after he pointed it out mistakes.”
A: @totoron111 Also you should use modified if you want to sound more professional, edited is more casual than that.
Q: I don’t recollect when I saw her for the last time.
Does this sound natural?
A: “I don’t remember when I saw her last.”


“I don’t recall the last time I saw her.”


“I cannot recollect the last time I saw her.”
Q: Please show me how to pronounce As far as I can recollect, his name is Michael..
A: Check the question to view the answer

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