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    2. Here is a definition from a dictionary. We do not often use the word recondite “"the book is full of recondite information" synonyms: obscure, abstruse, arcane, esoteric, little known, recherché, abstract, deep, profound, cryptic, difficult, complex, complicated, involved; More”

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    2. The grammar of the sentence is perfect. The reason I feel it sounds a little unnatural is because recondite is not a commonly used word (you could say that 'recondite' is itself a recondite word!), and I feel it is more accurate to say that a question IS BASED on a recondite topic, fact, etc, rather than the question itself being recondite. Nevertheless, if the word does fit your intended meaning (that the question itself is recondite), just be aware that it is not commonly used.

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    2. @takethat In this case, "for" has a similar meaning to "since", and "so" means "this", so the sentence would mean something like "since it will be convenient to call him this", but in a slightly more interesting tone, often used in literature :-) The best way to learn these is to start figuring them out by yourself through reading, gradually (don't worry though, it's not used often in conversations, unless someone is trying to imitate the narrator of a novel or something). You'll get the meaning over time, and understand the word/ expression by comparing it to the context. :-)

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