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Q: What does The reduction was caused by the exigencies of a wartime economy. mean?
A: 전쟁을 위한 필요가 있는 것 (예: 돈, 음식, 등) 때문에 경제 감소이다
Q: What does reduction fallacy mean?
A: Basically, it means oversimplification or exaggeration of an argument.

Over simplification: (leaving out too many details)
“The world is getting warmer due to global warming. Scientific studies, such as ____ shows the different human emissions and their effect on the planet.” ——-> “The world is getting warmer. This is because of global warming.”

Over exaggeration: (using points in an argument to make something seem better or worse.)
“Cats are bad pets because they destroy furniture all the time, and like to bite and scratch.”
“Dogs are the best because they are always loyal, and are the easiest animal to take care of.”
Q: What does reduction fallacy mean?
A: It's when you assume that there is one single thing that caused something else and that it is the ONLY cause, and is often called "fallacy of the single cause".
For example, if a business sees a drop in sales, they may say it's solely because of less effective advertising, when it might also be caused by an economic recession, reduced accessibility of the business, its products being less useful due to technological advancements, etc.
Reduction fallacy happens a lot when a tragedy occurs, when people immediately place the blame on one factor when it's almost always a combination of factors that causes any event.
Q: What does a net reduction. ‘clinical evedence confirms dengue vaccination in the philipines will provide a net reduction in dengue disease’ mean?
A: “Net reduction” here means there will be less cases of dengue disease in all of the Philippines.
Q: What does resulting in a 30% reduction of student failures mean?
A: Student failures have reduced by 30%

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Q: Please show me example sentences with reduction.
A: 1. The shop had a sale and there was a big reduction in the cost of the items.
2. I made a reduction in the number of sweets I eat.

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Q: What is the difference between What is the reduction amount if we do this? and How much reduction can we make if we do this? ?
A: These two sentences both mean the same thing, but they are a little unclear about *what* is being reduced. Based on your extra information, it looks like money.

Some better ways to ask this:
How much (money) will we save if we do this?
What will be the reduction in price/cost if we do this?
How much will the price/cost decrease if we do this?
How much can prices/costs be cut by doing this?

"Cost" is more appropriate if you are asking about how much less you will have to pay to suppliers.

"Price" is more appropriate if you are asking about how much less you will have to charge customers.
Q: What is the difference between reduction and contraction ?
A: I think reduction is mostly used for numbers/amount while contraction is mostly used for size
Q: What is the difference between reduction and decrease ?
A: 1 - Reduction is a Noun while decrease is a Verb.

Reduce is the the verb form of reduction.

2 - usually Reduction is an action taken.

example "Let's talk about pesticide reduction."

Decrease is usually something that just happens.

example."There's been a decrease in population".

saying "There's been a reduction in population" implies there was a specific action taken to kill the population.

p.s but in actuality unless your talking to an English professor I don't think anyone would care if you interchange them XD.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? you're and the reduction "jer"
A: could you explain what you're asking?
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? how do i interpret the sentence” reduction in the tendon stiffness? does it mean the tendon becomes soften?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? What is this reduction AIN’T ? Can you explain the etymology of AIN’T?
A: Thank you!!!
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? reductions
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: can you make no reduction?
I saw this from an english textbook.
But I think it doesnt make sense, does it?
1. I'd like to know if the sentence is commonly used.
2. If it's not ,then would you show me better one? does this sound natural?
A: I don’t know why but I don’t hear anybody saying this. It sounds like you are talking about costs. Here are some phrases that are commonly spoken and heard regarding costs.

1. Can you give me a discount?
2. Could you lower the cost?
3. Are you not able to discount the price?

Sometimes, context is very important. I might say that the phrase is a little unnatural, but after seeing context, I’m might be like, “ok. Yes, that makes sense now”. In English, context can make a big difference or no difference. This seems like something I would need more context. Sorry I couldn’t help very much.
Q: A reduction in the produce of apples is a serious matter does this sound natural?
A: 「the produce of」より「the production of」の方が正しいです。
Q: what is the most common reductions that Americans use ?
(please do not say wanne, gonna ,whatcha whoda , havta ,gotta because I know them but I wanne know others if there is )
A: Gotcha is I got you see ya is see you later
Q: What does 'reductions' mean as in "I make port wine reductions all day."?
A: reductions are liquids thickened by evaporating-out the water
Q: I myself did not know this reduction recently does this sound natural?
A: 'I didn't know this abbreviation myself, until recently'

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