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    2. We’re going to be temporarily *closing the study group or *relaunching​ our program. It’s not going to be long. We will let you know when it is ready. Sorry for the inconvenience*. The next exam will be held on *October 8th. We hope that this study group *will help you. 1) The "closed" and "relaunch" is changed to "closing" and "relaunching" because these are events that will be happening in the future. "closed" is used for speaking about events in the past, where as "relaunch" is a present tense verb. 2) "for a while" isn't needed in the sentence, as it makes more sense without 3) "October 8th" Depending on where you are the day may come before or after the month. In America, it's after when in formal writing, or, if does come before it will be "the 8th of October". In this case it makes more sense to just say October 8th. 4) For the final sentence, there are many words in there that aren't quite needed. "Would be of any help" make more sense in a question format, such as, "would this be of any help to you?" Since it's​ a statement, it makes more sense to use "will help you" Overall, this is impressive English and I can read it easily! It only needs some tweaking, but otherwise well done!

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