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Q: What does ever (e.g. how can I ever repay you?) mean?
A: It kind of means 'at any point in the future' so it's like the opposite of 'never'?

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Q: Please show me example sentences with repay.
A: That was so nice of you to do that for me. I don't know how I will ever repay you.

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Q: What is the difference between repay and pay off ?
A: Essentially repay is giving something back, and pay off is returning something you owe.

I'll provide all the examples I can think of, hope it helps!! :)

you can repay & pay off a loan from the bank:
"I'm still repaying my mortgage" & "I've finally paid off my student debt!"

you can repay a favour to a friend/family member:
"You paid for our drinks last time, let me repay the favour/let me get this round (of drinks)"

you can pay off a corrupt official:
"I've paid off the judge so I won't go to prison"
this example sounds a bit like a TV show plot, not very realistic haha.

You could also pay off a sibling to avoid trouble:
"I gave my sister a pack of cookies so she wouldn't tell Mum I came home drunk last night"
Q: What is the difference between repay and refund and rebate ?
A: A refund is when you return something to get back what you paid such as returning a shirt you bought at a store. To repay is to give back what you borrowed, usually money. A rebate is usually an incentive stores give to people who buy their item. They send you money after you buy the item for full price if you fill out the rebate form and send it to them.
Q: What is the difference between repay and pay back ?
A: "Pay back" is informal but otherwise they have the same meaning
Q: What is the difference between repay and pay off and discharge ?
A: Repay is pay back maybe that got you confused with pay off ... Pay off refers to a bribe or success . Discharge has varied usage depending on the context .

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