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    2. Reiterating means to say again, to explain something again, to tell someone something again. Repeating means to do something again, so that could mean saying/explaining/telling someone something again. Reiteration is more specific than repetition. :)

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    2. Learning another language is easy, but to be perfect is difficult. For me, the most important things are the basics. We should study the basics of language. I think that part of the basics of studying foreign language is grammar. In my case, I was studying English and Japanese grammar in Korean. Then I try to remember useful sentences by reading and writing them. Reading aloud and writing by hand involves a number of senses. I like to read a dictionary to understand how to use words. Then I test myself and repeat it until I can remember them perfectly. I think repetition and exams are effective. I try to never repeat any of my mistakes. I don't mind studying a long time to progress. Even if it takes less time than I thought I still try not to be impatient. Ultimately, this can more save time. During my first two years of studying Japanese I would study for 5 to 10 hours a day. It helped me to be able to speak and write Japanese without difficulty. Now I am also studying English 5 hours a day. I will continue this way until August of this year. Then I will practice and enjoy English culture. When I brainstorm and want to give my opinion I try to think in English. That is the reason that I need a teacher. In my free time, I am watching a lot movies and lectures, reading news to check my linguistic ability and find my roll models. does this sound natural? I think this was a good essay. Most of your vocabulary was correct. You were only missing a few words. I recommend if you post another long message you should put it on Lang-8. They have editing tools that will make it easier to see the changes I made. You can find my profile on that site. My username is Ukeath. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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    2. "‎To become a sumo wrestler, you need to take physical mesurements, such as jumping repetitively and short distance runs. These are carried out by the Japan sumo association."

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