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    2. Townscape is not a word that is used. Is that a small town? If so, I would say "... which reproduces the feel of a small town in the Netherlands." Or "... which captures the feel of a small town in the Netherlands" or "... whose theme is a small town in the Netherlands." Or "... is an amusement park that is built to look like a small town in the Netherlands." Let me know if townscape means something different and I will try to give further help.

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    2. Report about artificial intelligence What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is a computer discipline that reproduces the most complicated human mental processes through hardware and software. The origins of artificial intelligence: The term AI(Artificial Intelligence) actually starts ''officially'' by the american mathematican John McCarthy in 1956. This discipline was born in 1956 during a meeting of 10 researchers, where Allen Newell and Herbert Simon created the Logic Theorist, a program that demonstrates math theorems. Artificial Intelligence nowadays: Artificial Intelligence is part of our society and industry. In fact it has been used in medicine, robotics, scientific reasearch and even in toys. AI is a threat to human survival: For that reason, some scientists like Stephen Hawking consider artificial intelligence a threat to the survival of humanity, because soon the AI systems/ machines could completely replace men in many places of work. Consequences on the world of work: The Artificial Intelligence will start a new industrial revolution, many professions will die and many new ones will be born. But according to a recent research by Gartner, Artificial Intelligence will create more jobs than it will eliminate.

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    2. The tenacity of the Roman Empire and its old glories can be compared to the resilience of the organisms called lichens. Maybe you are going to ask me: What? Why? Lichens thrive in regions as diverse as jungles to rocky sea coasts. They are very hardy organisms and do not give in to the harsh sand storms of the desert or the the icy cold conditions of a glacier. Lichens are also brave: they do not fear the dark of the caves and they even set up home in the mouth of volcanoes. Cladonia Diversa, a cup-shaped lichen. Lichens take various forms. The green wolf lichen (Letharia Vulpina) has a brunched shrubby shape that reminds me of a hipsters beard 😃 The trumpet-shaped Cladonia Carneola lichen looks like it is ready to start playing a jazz song. For all their features, lichens are also an inspiration for artists: the decorative plate PRODUCT NAME reproduces on raku ceramic the organic structures of the lichens. The poetic reference to nature makes this decorative home accessory a daily artwork to follow and care for, allowing the user to express their individual personality through the language of nature. And what about the Cladonia Deformis lichen? Its features resemble precious silver tea cups. The only thing Lichens are afraid of is the presence of the human beings, so the cities are the only barriers that can stop them thriving. However, even here their stubborness is allowing them able to take root. Cladonia Digitata, finger cup lichen. When I seek perseverance or stamina in my daily life, I only have to look at the nature to find it. The most elusive creatures in nature, those of the deepest shadows, living silent existences can also be the most resilient. the decorative plate PRODUCT NAME reproduces on raku ceramic the organic structures of the lichens (I don't understand this sentence, it is not clear, what is Raku?) Organic structures can reproduce on this decorative plate made of ceramic. (Maybe write like this)

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