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Q: What does 💙Sexual reproduction serves to create genetic variety.

(What does this sentence mean??
"serve to" mean here?
Sexual reproduction means "having sex with someone"???..)

A: sexual reproduction includes every living thing that reproduces sexually, whether it be humans, animals, plants, etc..
it doesn’t only refer to humans

i’d argue that “serves to” in this context means that the main purpose of sexual reproduction is to create diversity in offsprings
Q: What does social reproduction mean?
A: “Social reproduction is a concept originally proposed by Karl Marx in Das Kapital, and is a variety of his broader idea of reproduction. According to sociologist Christopher B. Doob, it "refers to the emphasis on the structures and activities that transmit social inequality from one generation to the next". From Wikipedia.
It is a tenet of Karl Marx’s idea of socialism, which assumes that there are certain things in society which contribute to the fact that social inequalities are passed on from generation to generation.

This is a very difficult concept to discuss in English with a beginning English student. Good Luck!

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Q: Please show me example sentences with reproduction.
A: The reproduction system allows for childbirth.

It’s human instinct to reproduce.

We go through the reproduction process to keep our species alive.

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Q: What is the difference between reproduction and imitation ?
A: @hhhhqqqq: reproduction: make a new copy
ex. When people have babies, they reproduce.
He reproduces the painting (makes a new painting just like the old one).

imitate: to copy someone/something else, especially movements/actions
ex. The boy imitates the singer's voice.
We imitate the clown's funny movements.

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Q: sexual reproduction creates a variety of trait and best traits survive does this sound natural?
A: Sexual reproduction creates a variety of traits and the best traits survive.
Q: I sometimes buy a reproduction of painting which I like particularly, when I go to an art gallery. It is my pleasure lately.
「展覧会に行った時、特に気に入った作品のレプリカを買うことが、私の最近の楽しみです。」 does this sound natural?
A: When I go to an art gallery I sometimes buy a reproduction of a painting that I particularly like. I have really been enjoying doing this recently.
Q: 2 reproduction

The female octopus lays eggs on the roof of her den.
The female squid lays eggs on seabed or seaweed.
Then they die after reproducing. does this sound natural?
A: Your speech is good.
Q: ‎The reproduction of dogs is as with cats.

(did I use "as with" correctly? does this sound natural?
A: If you meant "the same as", then no, it's not correct. "as with cats", for me, would work if it was placed as a subordinate clause.

"Off-piste skiing, as with any sport, can often be dangerous."
Q: The reproduction of dogs is as with cats.

(did I use "as with" correctly? does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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