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    2. It means to cancel a formal document, statement, policy, or law.

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    2. I rescind your invitation. You cannot enter my house. あなたの招待を取り消します。私の家に入ってはいけません。

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    2. The two are practically identical in almost every aspect, save for the spelling and pronunciation. This is to be expected as they are synonyms, or words that have similar meanings. Like a good portion of synonyms they can be used interchangeably in almost any sentence concerning them. For example: Ex. 1 "The court was against the bill, and rescinded the document." Ex. 2 "The court was against the bill, and repealed the document." If look over the sentences closely you will find that both make sense with either definition. Synonyms can be a bit tricky, but you'll figure them out eventually. So keep up the good work!

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