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Q: What does resemblance is uncanny mean?
A: this means that someone/something’s resemblance to someone/something else is astonishing or incredible
Q: What does the physical resemblance mean?
A: The bodies look similar
Q: What does in such near resemblance as to be likely mean?
A: That's right!
The original sentence can be rewritten like this: "...either in the identical form or in such near resemblance as to be likely... to cause confusion or mistake, or to deceive."

So it is saying that if the mark is so similar to the original mark that it could trick somebody, that is too similar.
Q: What does I can see the resemblance. mean?
A: あきら63の言う事👌

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Q: Please show me example sentences with resemblance.
A: "I see a resemblance between his siblings."
Q: Please show me example sentences with resemblance.
A: The Tokyo tower resembles the Eiffel Tower, they look very similar.

You have a striking resemblance to Utada Hikaru, you look almost the same!!

Remblance/resembles compares two things that are very similar
Q: Please show me example sentences with I can see the resemblance..
A: "Susan is Clare's sister? Ah yes, I can see the resemblance."
"So this sculpture is also by the same artist? I can really see the resemblance with her other works."

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Q: What is the difference between Their resemblance was breathtaking and They resemble each other to a hair ?
A: I've never heard the second one before so I may be wrong. Here's my take on it.

The first one is almost like saying "It's an amazing thing that they are so similar.". Note this doesn't necessarily mean there isn't any differences, just that it's amazing how similar they are.

The second one however, feels more like a fact. It makes me think they must be identical in every way.

If you wanted to describe their similarity without any emotion, the second is probably more correct. But if you were wanting to be more emotive, the first one is better.
Q: What is the difference between he resemblances to her and he looks a like her ?
A: @alucard_says. He resembles her or he looks like her, are practically the same. Normally it's people of the same sex who resemble or look like each other. to look like someone is used more than to resemble someone

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Q: 1. “I was surprised at Jane’s resemblance to her sister.“
2. “I was surprised at Jane resembling to her sister.”
3. “I was surprised at Jane resembling to her sister.”

Are they all possible? What do you think?
A: I'd say it's unacceptable, yes, and I'd definitely put it below "Jane resembling her sister".
Q: "I know that there are resemblance that you told in Japan"
Does it make sense,and I would like to say "resemblance" and "similarities" by more general way.
A: in normal conversation usually I say “looks like” or “is like” or “is sorta (sort of) like” but I also use “resemblance” and “similarities” I conversation!
Q: He recognized her from her strong resemblance to her brother. does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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