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Q: What does a phenomenal resource virtually UNTAPPED by other writers. mean?
A: Untapped means untouched, never been touched before.
Q: What does resource partner mean?
A: A partner that has resources that can help you such as



Connections with more people
Q: What does natural resources mean?
A: It occurs in nature and it is useful or valuable to a nation. Water, oil, forests, fertile soil, precious metals, etc. But often, it means natural energy sources like coal, oil or natural gas.
Q: What does resource allocation mean?
A: to allocate resources - to place/assign resources to areas/sectors/activities, usually in an efficient way to utilize the available resources
Q: What does resource officer mean?
A: resource office is politically correct speak for a police officer that is permanently stationed at the school as his only job. Although i read just last week sometimes now the resource officers aren't even real police. It is a tragically bad plan. In our effort to "make schools safe" we now have cops performing criminal arrests for what should be school discipline issues. It is called the "school to prison pipeline".

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Q: Please show me example sentences with "resource" and "source".
A: "source" is like "origin"

"resource" is like "things/items" (harder to explain)

"A great source of natural resources (like trees) is the rain forest"

"There's something wrong with my computer. I can't find the source of the problem" (I don't know what's causing it)

"This dinner is expensive. We might have to pool our resources" (gather our money/each help pay)

trees are renewable resources. they are sourced mainly from forests.

hope this helps
Q: Please show me example sentences with by diverting resources.
A: The company should divert their funding more into research.

The students need divert their resources into learning

Donald trump has to divert his resources in order to make america great again
Q: Please show me example sentences with resource.
A: "The US is full of natural resources such as coal, wheat, corn, pecans, and more." "After being trapped in our house in the blizzard, we were running low on resources." "We need to strategically reallocate our resources. Too many engineers are separated into different teams."
Q: Please show me example sentences with don't pull all your resources in one possibility.
A: "put all your eggs in one basket" (that is a slang phrase)

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Q: What is the difference between When the sufficient resource is unavailable and When the insufficient resource is available ?
A: Insufficient is when there is some AND you need more of it.
“We cannot build this tower because we do not have enough screws” or “We don’t have enough screws to build this tower”
which you can also say as:
“We have an insufficient amount of screws to build this tower”
All 3 sentences mean the same thing. The last one is formal.

Little is just a small amount of something or something is small in size.
“Is there food left? ...... “a little” or “there’s a little bit of food let”.
“Kittens are very small”.
Or a younger brother or sister.
“I have a little sister”.

No is when there is none, nothing.
“There is no tape”.
“There is no tape left”.
Q: What is the difference between I have many resources to study from. and I have many sources to study from. ?
A: Resources - these are available on your disposal. You already have it. you own it.

Ex. water and plants are natural resources
Let me check my resources..

Sources - you dont have it, you have to look for it and find it. You dont own it.

ex. It took me a while to look for this source
Oh. I found a reliable source.

hope it helps..
Q: What is the difference between resource and materials ?
A: 材料はどっちでも良いんですけど、materials は使える物しかないんです。resources はそれだけじゃなくて、役に立つ人や情報もそう呼ばれます。
Q: What is the difference between resource and source ?
A: A source is what something comes from - in this case, a notebook is a source of information. (The information comes from the notebook)

A resource is something that is useful for something. The notebook is a good resource for future research (because it is a source of information).
Q: What is the difference between resource and source ?
A: Resource are things you got or that is available to you.

Our country is rich in natural resources.

Source means the origin of something.

I got this information from a reliable source.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? resources
A: Resources. Resourceful. The inflection changes with most people I know of
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? human resources management
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? resource
A: "Resource."
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? secured the resource. securing the resource.
A: Secur(ed) the resource: means you've already done it (past)

Secur(ing) the resource: is a action, meaning you're doing it.(present/right now)

Secur(e) the resource: is a order/statement given.

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Q: human resources benefits >what is this?
A: It’s the kind of benefits you get on top of your salary such as medical/pharmaceutical/dental coverage, pension contribution plan, physiotherapy coverage, vision coverage, etc. Every employers will provide different combinations of these benefits and they are collectively refer to as “benefits package”.
Q: 1.Mineral resources,a crucial segment of natural resources,are fundamentally important materials for development of human society.
2.China,a densely populated and relatively resource-lacking under developed country,rely mainly on domestic resources to guarantee its construction needs.
3.Traditional Chinese Medicine,which is inseparable from Chinese culture,has made great contributions to revive China. Does this sound natural?
A: In number 2, you should change it from “RELY mainly on...” to “RELIES mainly on...”

Besides that, it sounds good for a educational paper, but not for everyday speaking.
Q: resources are not inexhaustible. Rapidly economic growth leads to natural resources be exhausted speedy. It brings about renewable energy cannot be regenerated in time. So that the natural balance will be destruction. Does this sound natural?
A:resources are not inexhaustible. Rapid economic growth leads to natural resources being speedily exhausted. renewable energy cannot be regenerated in time. So the natural balance will be destroyed
Q: we have to invest human resources to this business, but the turnover should be deserved it. Does this sound natural?
A: What are you trying to say? Is it this?

We have to invest in Human Resources for this business because of the high turnover.
Q: The resources have the limit. Does this sound natural?
A: "There are limited resources"
"The resources are limited"

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