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Q: What does I retract my empathy mean?
A: It is not a phrase that is used very much. I have never used this phrase, but you may use it 1 or 2 times in your life. It could only be used when you tell someone that you empathize with them. Then they tell you more information about their situation and you realize that you don't empathize with them anymore because of this new information. Then you could say, "I retract my empathy."

Because it can only be used in a very, very specific situation, it is almost never used.
Q: What does retract mean?
A: Retract means to withdraw from something

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Q: What is the difference between I will make you retract your statement. and I will make you take back your statement. ?
A: "retract" is a word that is not very casual. It sounds really unnatural and formal, and you would probably get a few stares if you said that. Both of them mean the same thing, but the second one is the one that you would want to say.
Q: What is the difference between retract and take back ?
A: Retract is more often used within the context of withdrawing a statement.

For example, if you say something that is incorrect, offensive or insensitive then you may later retract the statement which basically means that you regret saying it and you want to 'take it back'.

In other contexts, retract can mean move or draw back in toward something—for example retracting your hand toward your body.

Take back is used more generally for any situation where you want to return something to it's previous place or state. For example, you could say "I need to take back this car to the car rental place".
Q: What is the difference between retract and shrink ?
A: retract means to go back into its original size or form. and to shrink is to get smaller than it originally was.
for example of you were to "shrink" it would mean you would turn into a mini little human. but if you were to "retract" you would just go back to size you were when you were a child.
Q: What is the difference between retract and withdraw ?
A: retract and withdraw are the same thing. Usually if you want to take money out of your bank account you would say you want to withdraw money

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