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Q: Please show me example sentences with reuse.
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Q: What is the difference between reuse and recycle ?
A: reuse means to use an object past the point you'd throw it out. Often to change it so you can get more use out of it, rather than putting it in the bin.
Like patching up old clothes, or turning an old shirt into a bag.
You're reusing the materials.
You're still getting use out of them, when they've finished being useful for their original purpose.

Recycling can mean "throwing something out, but in a way that's good for the environment". So, recycling paper is putting paper into a rubbish bin just for paper, and it gets taken and processed and turned into other paper products. So it's not the end of the life for those products, they go on to be turned into something else.

So they're very similar in some ways.
Q: What is the difference between reuse and recycle ?
A: Reuse is something is using again...


Recycle in which processing of any object occurs..

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Q: We don't reuse leftovers. does this sound natural?
A: × We don't reuse leftovers.
✓ We don't eat leftovers.

"leftovers" already means that you're going to reuse the food, so we don't use the word "reuse" in the same sentence with "leftovers" because that would be redundant and unnecessary.
Q: It can reuse for many times. does this sound natural?
A: It can be reused many times.
Q: It's is general that reuse the used one in Japan. does this sound natural?
A: I don't what you exactly mean, but probably you want to say:
It is a general rule in Japan to use recycled materials...??
Q: Whether the reuse report gave a good effect, the sales of our products increased. does this sound natural?
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