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Q: What does ripples of water in ponds converge to eject stones mean?
A: ripples: small waves, wrinkles, creases on the surface of the water
converge: connect, meet
eject: force, throw
The small waves on the surface of the water in ponds connect to throw out stones.
Q: What does an endless ripple mean?
A: Endless means without stop. A ripple is an effect basically. Literally a ripple is what happens when you throw a stone in the water and there are waves on the top of the water.
So I think it means something that has a long effect or a long duration....
Q: What does ripples mean?
A: Literally, when you drop a rock in the water, where the rock hit is a wave, and as you get further and further away, the wave turns into ripples. So, a ripple is sort of a "small wave".

In the phrase above, it suggests that the attacks affected many more people than were in the immediate area of the attack.

For example, USA is still feeling the ripple effects (we say "ripple effects" a lot) of 9/11, example: Donald Trump.

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Q: What is the difference between ripple and wave ?
A: Wave = ocean waves hitting the sand
Ripple = drop a small object in water, it causes circles to spread out
Q: What is the difference between ripple outward to and ripple to ?
A: @Ryu0416 The first one focuses on the movement away from the origin, and the second one focuses on the movement toward the destination. Otherwise they're the same.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? ripples
A: "Ri -pulls"

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Q: imagine the ripples of this notion for the millions of people living and dying of dementia. what does ripples mean?
A: The "ripple effect" is a situation in which one event produces effects which spread and produce further effects. For example "The bank crash has had a ripple effect on the whole community." People who were directly affected now have less money to spend. That means shopkeepers cannot sell so much and also have less money.

BJ Miller argues that dying people value little things that can make them feel still human, connected, such smelling and tasting fresh cookies.

I guess the ripple effect here might be if this notion is applied successfully with one stimulus for one person it may also invigorate the carers who can try it with other stimuli and for other people. Further success may lead to the discovery of other stimuli that can also be used and re-used with other people.
Q: The ripples are settling down gradually. does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: The ripple effect of changing the blood pressure by chiropractic care does this sound natural?
A: You can say:
*The chiropractic care has an effect of normalizing blood pressure.
*The chiropractic care has an effect of creating homeostatic balance by contolling blood pressure.

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