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Q: What does A rising senior mean?
A: It means “someone who has passed 11th grade (a junior) but has not entered 12th (a senior) grade due to summer break”.
Q: What does I'm a rising year of the horse mean?
A: I was born in the early part of a year represented by a horse on the Chinese zodiac
Q: What does a rising star out on the gain mean?
A: una estrella emergente /en ascenso - en relación a trabajo - una persona quien está avanzando muy bien/rápidamente hasta los puestos más altos.
Out on the gain - no sé esta expresión - quizás - trabajar many duro para garantizar /lograr sus objetivos.
Q: What does spare you the rising storms and let the rivers flow mean?
A: The first one is saying that the person wants to tell you that they want to help you stop them from crying or getting angry. The second one is saying that they want to cry and sob.

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Q: What is the difference between consistent rising
and consistently rising
and consistently risen ?
Consistently rising = the rate at which the rising occurs is the same throughout the rising period.

Consistently risen = the object rises evenly over the whole object.

Imagine making a loaf of bread. Consistently rising = the bread rises at the same rate for the whole time that the yeast is active.
Consistently risen = that both ends of the bread rise to the same height.
Inconsistently risen = one end of the bread is flat and hasn’t got air bubbles, but the other end is high and fluffy.

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Q: The rising trend of oil price has been inhibited because Eroupean countries have been carrying out tight restrictions to prevent spreading virus, in addition infected cases of covid-19 virus increasing in China, the largest oil consuming country of the world, highly affects the prospect of recovering oil demand in the short time. However, over bad temporary factors affecting oil price, the economic experts are still positive in predicting the oil price in 2021.
Does this sound natural?
A: ‘the economic experts maintain their positive stance on oil price in the long term.’ sounds better. is that more similar to what you meant to say?
Q: The rising flood waters inundated over the floor. does this sound natural?
A: "inundated the floor"
Q: So, a rising nation and technical innovation expand its sphere of influence, I think we should aiming to economic growth. does this sound natural?
A: As a rising nation and with technical innovation expanding its sphere of influence, I think we should be focusing more on economic growth.
Q: They experience a rising of enthusiasm, watching Olympic games on the large screen at the cafe. does this sound natural?
A: They experience a RISE of enthusiasm, watching Olympic games on the large screen at the cafe.

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