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Q: What does riverbank and dandelion mean?
A: A river bank is the side of a river. and a dandelion is a flower

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Q: Please show me example sentences with They are planning to go ..... at the riverbank. (picnic).
A: They are planning to go for a picnic at the riverbank.
They are planning to go to the riverbank for a picnic.

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Q: What is the difference between The riverbanks are abundant in beautiful wild plants. and The riverbanks abound in beautiful wild plants. ?
A: the first one is a complete statement, the second one is a sentence fragment.

1. 강둑에는 아름다운 야생 식물들이 풍부하다
2. 아름다운 야생 식물들이 풍부한 강둑(은...)

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Q: "I went to a riverbank to see cherry blossoms."
"I went to riverbanks to see cherry blossoms."
Which is more natural when the cherry trees are on the both sides of the river although I went to only one side?
A: "I went to the riverbank to see the cherry blossoms."

If you say "a riverbank", it feels like you just went to one at random. After the verb "to go to", in 95% of cases it is followed by "the", because it is usually a chosen place and not an undefined place (e.g. "I went to the cinema / the conbini / the doctor's / etc.")
Also, for the same reason I would say "the cherry blossoms" and not just "cherry blossoms", because it's the specific cherry blossoms that are on the riverbank, and not just random ones.

Another natural way to say the same thing would be "I went to see the cherry blossoms by the river."

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