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Q: What does Rivers are the gutters through which run the ruins of continents. mean?
A: Gutters are at the sides of a street (sometimes underground) and they catch the rain water to keep the street from flooding. They also tend to collect trash and leaves which move along with the rain water. The author is making an analogy saying that rivers also collect the water off continents and along with it the trash and debris (the ruins) of that continent.

She may also intend a deeper analogy regarding society or something else that requires more context, but I’m not familiar with the quote so I’m not sure about that!

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Q: What is the difference between Rivers have been contaminated by all sorts of industrial waste, by chemicals and fertilizers. and Rivers have been contaminated by all sorts of industrial waste, chemicals and fertilizers. ?
A: The second sentence is more grammatically correct. The difference is that in the first sentence, "chemicals and fertilisers" are part of "industrial waste". ( 在第一个例子, industrial waste 是个概括词,而chemicals and fertilisers是它的不同分类。 ) 如果是这个意思,"....all sorts of industrial waste, LIKE chemicals and ferilizers" is more grammatically correct.

For the second sentence, "industrial waste", "chemicals" and "fertilizers" are three different things.

其实和华文也一样。举相似的例子,第一个句子如 “我收到了各种各样的礼物, 例如耳环和项链。” 第二个句子如 “我收到了各种各样的礼物,耳环和项链”。 看得出句子不同意思吧。

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Q: Rivers Does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Rivers have become polluted more because of wastewater from factories. Does this sound natural?
A: *more poluted
Q: Rivers flow to the sea A river can be wide and deep or narrow and shallow Does this sound natural?
A: It's very good for a beginner

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