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Q: What is the difference between rout and vanquish ?
A: Rout means "to make an army flee". They run away and thereby you win. This is specifically to describe the outcome of a battle between to large forces.

"Vanquish" is just a very strong version of "defeat".

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Q: What routs do you prefer to take?
Does this sound natural?
Could you please suggest a sentence to ask that question? (while speaking with a truck driver)
What would sound natural?
A: this is very natural!! It sounds perfect 👍😄👍
Q: What does rout out mean in this context
“ Our joint approach with the police, with the support of other agencies, is to help those involved in prostitution to develop routes out.”
A: A route is a term used physically to mean the roads, tracks, paths etc to get from one place to another. Here it is being used figuratively to mean the steps to take and the support needed to stop being involved in prostitution.

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