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Q: What does Received Pronunciation (RP)  mean?
A: You are given something. Something Like a gift. Examples:

“I received an apple from my friend”

“My friend received many birthday gifts”

Q: What does RP of British English (RP) mean?
A: @Ham: Received pronunciation

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Q: What is the difference between modern RP and traditional RP ?
A: ok so ak traditional RP English accent is the one you hear in old movies and the way the queen speaks. very posh, very polite, and very sharp. a modern RP English accent is just how you speak in general. for example I'm from the North of England so my accent is quite broad and and I use a few slang words. another example is a Scouse accent which typically goes up in pitch and misses certain letters.

a modern RP is what you'll hear today if you come to England. a traditional RP accent died out in the 1950/60s but you can still hear it in old movies.
Q: What is the difference between RP accent and posh accent and cockney accent ?
A: “RP” can mean a posh accent, or a standard accent, or a particular strange type of old-fashioned accent you don’t really hear any more. BBC news from before about 1960 used this accent, but it sounds very old-fashioned to modern listeners.

The cockney accent is very particular to east and central London and is mostly associated with the working class. It’s particularly famous for pronouncing “th” as “f” or “v” (“they do maths” can sound like “vey do mafs”), heavy use of the glottal stop (the T in “water” is not pronounced, for example).
Q: What is the difference between RP pronunciation and Queen's English, which one is the standard accent ?
A: It is very much the same. Nothing to feel bothered since “pure” RP is not very common nowadays.

That accent’s been a little fixed and it’s likely to be found in academic contexts, news, etc. So if you’re looking for a natural and kind of neutral accent, I suggest to check some southern accents which are a bit more common everywhere.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? how can I learn the RP accent?
A: Listen to CDs in a British English course, listen especially to audio books spoken in British English. Watch, and listen to, the BBC news on TV. Type into your browser and take it from there. You could also try Google for examples of RP.

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Q: I have understood what "Posh" means, but what does " RP" mean?
A: "Received Pronunciation", it's the standard form of British pronunciation
Q: I'm learning RP British accent.
Could you please record your voice at the normal speed of saying this line?
Thank you very much for all.

I would like to know how you connect FOR ALL's R and A.
Thank you.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Could you tell me who speaks the RP accent?
And if any one of them dosen't speak the RP accent, please tell me which accent do they speak,thank you.

Sophie & Neil:

Alice & Finn :

Tim & Neil:

Dan & Rob:

Li & Catherine:

And these two series :

A: I'm really really thankful that you answered my questions seriously.
When I saw Li's name, I just thought that she might be a Chinese, because Li (李) is a very common as a last name. And about Catherine, I agree with u. When I heard what Catherine spoke, I knew there is something different in her accent, but even so I just can't explain.
Q: I want to study about RP accent. I already watched BBC learning English website. Do you have any other recommendation for me like website, youtuber, drama, TV program or anything.
A: try to watch video from "english with lucy" on YouTube . maybe it'll help you to improve your English

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