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    2. This is just a very elaborate way to say that some guests will not dress according to the expected dress code (elegant, formal, etc.) and so you should dress in a way that will make them feel comfortable, regardless. I hope this helps. :)

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    2. Maybe the rungs of the chair are on the bottom, not the back. It could mean the horizontal beams that support the legs of the chair.

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    2. The days are gone when people can do only limited types of jobs. Many new types of work have bubbled up from the advancement of technology. Facing with multiple choices, i choose a job that can satisfy me, even though i have to wait for a long time. First, the idea that getting a secure job and a salary fixed, seems not bad yet. The youngsters has made a dislike idea. Driven by the success of Jack Ma, more undergraduate are despairing to set up their own companies. From this point of view, taking fixed job means to have to abandon a better opportunity. Second, do what you like can take away pains facing with pressure in our daily life. Instead of repeating the dull work, devoting yourself to something you are crazy about the distance between your life and your dream. That’s why Kobby Brant ultimately chose to join into NBA rather than study in Harvard. Third, seen from a profound view. People are taking fixed jobs, and this is not good for our society. That’s the problem, it diminishes upward mobility. Without competitive jobs, it makes top and bottom rungs of the ladder “Sticker” — harder to move up and harder to lose place at the top. Stick yourself to a dull job will only make low living standard and persist the debolmente of the society. However, giving away a fixed salary requires brave. People should walk and do something, not just talk and talk.

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