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Q: What does What does "an elaborate ruse" mean? Does it mean like a trap or something? It's from a sentence "Marriage is an elaborate ruse." mean?
A: Kind of. It means a trick or deceptive action. Adding “elaborate” indicates that it is a carefully planned and/or detailed deception.
Q: What does ruse mean?
A: a distraction, a deceit

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Q: Please show me example sentences with ruse.
A: He is trying to think of a ruse to make his mother think that he is studying.

Don't believe her if she starts crying; it is a ruse she uses often.

What a ruse! Paul made me believe he had a driver's license!

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Q: What is the difference between ruse and trick ?
A: They can mean the same thing. But sometimes they are different.

Ruse is an older word, you probably only hear it for someone trying to be fancy, or in books. A ruse is an elaborate trick, that required planning and preperation, in order to fool someone.

A trick is more simple, it could be something very fast. Also there are "magic tricks", and but no "magic ruses"

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? ruse
A: Le mot ruse est traduit par "trick" (le plus courant à l'oral) ou "strategem". On peut dire aussi "ruse" qui veut dire "une mesure servant à tromper".

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Q: Can I say 'ruse hair' and if yes, what does it mean?
Q: What does "see through the ruse" mean in the following context? I think "ruse" means "trick" here. But I am not so sure about the expression "see through the ruse". Could you explain it?

Howard and Kim see through the ruse, but the incident gives Jimmy exposure in the local media and boosts his popularity.,_Hamlin_%26_McGill
A: @fk9 "See through a lie / trick / ruse / somebody / etc." means that you don't buy the trick, you don't fall for the trick, you aren't affected by the trick. If you see through it, then you see the truth. Imagine the ruse being a wall and the truth is behind it, and you can see through the wall.

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