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    2. Im going to start talking a little bit about my grandparents, they both from Sinaloa,Mexico. My grandfather's name is Tomas, and my grandmother's name is Rosa. They got married when they were so young, the had 7 children, my mom is the 6th child. I dont have pictures of my grandparents, so Im goint to skip that part. My mom's name is Maria, she is 43 years old, my dad's name is Jose. They had my sister first, she's 17 right now, two years later they had me, I only have one sister. My mom went to live to Tijuana because my dad passed away, he had a car accident, the breaks didn't worked well, so my mom moved to Tijuana because she had more jobs opportunities, so I've live almost all my life with my mom and my sister. I have a big family, because my family used to have from 4 through 10 children. A example of why my family is big is, my grandma have 23 grandchildren, and 6 grand grandchildren and the ones that are on their way, and my grandma's sister from my mom's side also have a lot of Childs. I also consider my pets as a family, I have 2 dogs, Ana and Maria. Espero que te alla servido, y que no alla sido tarde xdd

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