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Q: What does sappy mean?
A: "Sappy" describe algo o alguien que es casi demasiado sentimental.

Por ejemplo, un "sappy movie" usualmente es una película que te hace llorar por algo bonito que pasó (como un romance)
Q: What does sappy mean?
A: Overly emotional, like too much love or sweetness.
Q: What does sappy mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does sappy mean?
A: Emotional and overdone! Usually romantic. Like "sappy romance" or "a sappy old sitcom" or "That couple over there is acting so sappy!"
Or, "He's such a sap!" means he is too sensitive and outwardly emotional, almost comically so.

Example sentences using "Sappy"

Q: Please show me example sentences with sappy (sentimental).
A: The movie was sappy.
It was a sappy book.
You wouldn't like the show it was very sappy.

"Sappy" is used to mean that it is too or overly sentimental and is used most often to refer to forms of media. (ie movies, songs, plays, tv shows or books)
Q: Please show me example sentences with sappy (+meaning).
A: " Wow that romantic comedy movie we just saw was really sappy with all those laughing/crying moments"

" Maple trees are sappy in the way they produce a syrupy substance in their bark."

It could mean a very 'cheesy' film or a sticky liquid that comes from some trees.

Synonyms of "Sappy" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between sappy and stupid ?
A: sappy = emotional, love related, happy ending
this word has a tone of disgust or disbelief at such happiness.

This movie is so sappy. I can't bear to watch it.

stupid = lacking intelligence or dislike

This calculus class makes me feel so stupid.

Sappy movies are so stupid.
(Translation: I dislike these kind of movies)
Q: What is the difference between sappy and sad ?
A: a sappy person is foolish and silly or not thinking clearly while sad is a type of hurt emotion

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