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    2. Taunt is to instigate. Satirize means to parody, or make funny. "His taunting became too much, and I had no choice but to become upset with him." "I think Kendall is a hilarious man. He can satirize any topic, at any time!" Satirize isn't always funny. It can be obnoxious, but the intent of taunting is always to instigate.

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    2. You put "However, also Italian judges have ...... You shouldn't put "also" after "however". second paragraph

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    2. Writing No. 18 (Goal: 20) Go to Netflix theater ISN'T IT ROMANTIC? The film that I put on my list before, has been added to Netflix. It seems that this film satirizes romantic comedy story cliches, and I love this kind of humor. It’s hard for me to concentrate on a Netflix film for a long time, "because I have no duties to sit on like in cinemas." (I don't understand the meaning of this sentence) However, today is Sunday! I have plenty of precious free time and so I shall do what I want.

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    2. It’s a 2014 American black comedy film and also the winner of 87th Academy Award for Best Picture. This movie follows Riggan Thomas, a faded Hollywood actor, who, once gained fame as the Birdman at superhero films, mounts a Broadway play hoping for a career revival. In spite of all the hurdles and thorns, Riggan made it a success but surprisingly commits suicide at the end. Viewers wonder about the reason behind his sudden death. The answer is “art”. Art is Riggan’s lifelong pursuit. But absurdly Riggan hits it big merely due to all the tidbits and side stories during the play’s rehearsal. Videos of Riggan running naked at the Times Square went viral. Riggan using a real gun to shoot himself at the play became a trending hashtag. But few of the multitudes and social media would totally settle down, savoring the real taste of true art in that play. The public are novelty-hunters and have by far demonstrated the greatest fickleness. They keep eyes fixated on cultural fast food, the tabloids, and the big, loud, fast superhero movies. Under this big context, someone goes with the tide, resorting to all the stunts and hype to conceal the emptiness of their works' real content; someone, like Riggan, toils and labors, finally turning to death as the salvation. This film without doubt deserves its honor and tops the list of my favorites. It has a sharp tongue satirizing commodity economy devastating art. And it also gives people a pause to think whether for one moment we've betrayed our heart.

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