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Q: What does scallops mean?
A: La vieira, Callos de hacha

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Q: Please show me example sentences with scallop.
A: The gas tank on this motorcycle has a beautiful scallop paint job on it.

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Q: Could you tell us again your scallop sales speed, especially size-specifically? does this sound natural?
A: Normally, size-specific would sound better, don't add an -ly in these situations. In this case though, because of the similarity between especially and specifically, this would sound weird (It sounds even weirder though with the double -ly ending). "Size-wise" or "in terms of size" are much better options. Another piece of advice, although the change is minor, I would change "especially" to "specifically" because "specifically" has a notion of looking at one particular detail, whereas "especially" is broader.

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