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Q: What does scalloped mean?
A: Bake with milk or a sauce example: “the potatoes were scalloped with green peppers, onions, and herbs” hope this help you
Q: What does Instead I see the scalloped outline of a landscape falling from blue into blue, the mountains tumbling into the ragged lace of shoreline against sea. mean?
A: First, this is a literary style I'd expect to see in a classic novel, not in The Guardian, so you're likely reading the overly complex musings of a failed novelist who's been forced to get a "day job" to pay the bills.

"Falling from blue into blue" refers to the blue sky blending into blue water as you look toward the horizon.

"Ragged lace" refers to the bubbly foam that forms after waves hit a shoreline and the water runs as far as it can up the beach.

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