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    2. scammer = someone who commits fraud

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    2. Thief

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    2. someone who is trying to cheat you with a trick or scheme that is designed to make you think a fair deal or good trade will be beneficial to you but in reality you are going to lose more i the long run. Like if you are on a quest with your clan and you gotta pay the troll toll to get into this.... well you gotta pay a troll toll to get what you want. and then you sign some contract and you get a fake version of what you want and or have contractually given away all your possessions. The troll has scammed you since he is a scammer and left you with nothing.

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    2. estafador

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    2. Fraud: This links into scammer, swindler, and con-artist. It’s when someone uses deception for financial gain. And example would be credit card fraud, pretending to be someone else to use their money Swindler: is someone who cheats or commits fraud. They would be the people with the ace hidden in the sleeve while playing poker. Scammer: Similar to swindler but Is more associated with things similar to credit card fraud. An example would be, let’s say you bought a phone off eBay but when it arrived it was a box of bricks. That would be a scammer con-artist: A con-artist are mostly seen on the streets playing 3card monte or similar games like the 3 cups with the ball. They use slight of hand to make the game seem fair when in reality it’s not. Another example of con-artist would be a little girl approaches you crying saying she lost her parents and needs money to get back home when in reality her parents are around the corner and it was just staged. However I wouldn’t stress learning the difference between them too much, since they are all very similar most the time you’ll hear natives say scammer or swindler just due to the time period we live in. Back in the 1900s con-artist was the more common phrase

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    2. Scammer is commonly used. When receiving an email promising a million dollars from some African country it's commonly referred to as an email scam and the people sending the emails as scammers. For example:

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    2. “Be careful of him. He’s a scammer” He is singular so it should be scammer not scammers(plural)

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