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Q: What does scornful of mean?
A: “Scornful” usually means disapproving or judgmental, but it is a very formal and rather uncommon word in everyday speech.
Q: What does scornful of mean?
A: Tricky to explain!

Scornful = showing a bitter / nasty response to something.

I refused his offer, and he looked scornfully at me (because he wanted me to accept his offer)
Q: What does scornful mean?
A: Simply, it means to be "full of scorn."
'Scorn' is the feeling that something is worthless. It means that you dislike or have no respect for something.

"He's scornful of anyone who disagrees with him."
"She gave him a scornful glare before running away."

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Q: Please show me example sentences with scornful.
A: Thank you!

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Q: What is the difference between scornful and contemptuous ?
A: I think there is very little difference but I think 'contemptuous' has a bit of a 'burlarse' or 'reirse' feel to it, and 'scornful' is more of a 'molestar' feel.

He laughed contemptuously. "Nice job!!", he said sarcastically.
He frowned scornfully. "You're an idiot!!:, he said nastily.
Q: What is the difference between scornful and contemptuous and despising and disdaining ?
Yes correct
On reflection
Scornful suggests displeasure at someones actions
contemptuous suggests disregard for someones worth
So you would be scornful of someones statement but if you did not value the persons opinion at all you would not be scornful just contemptuous.

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