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Q: Please show me example sentences with scrabble.
A: Dina suggested a game of scrabble after lunch

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Q: What is the difference between scrabble over and scrabble up ?
A: I think you mean ‘scramble over’ or ‘scramble up’. Scrabble is a board game 🙂 Scramble more generally usually refers to doing something hastily without precision. Eg, Scrambled eggs In your example scramble refers to climbing over a hill/mountain, often at pace and while using hands. It isn’t particularly elegant looking, but it is quick. ‘Scramble over’ implies you top the mountain and go down the other side. ‘Scramble up’ implies you go up and come down the same side.
Q: What is the difference between scrabble and scrounge ?
A: They're both pretty interchangeable. Scrounge technically means to 'try to get at the cost of someone else,' but most native speakers probably don't even know that.
Q: What is the difference between scrabble and graffiti ?
A: Scrabbling is messy writing, and Scrabble is a popular board game where people must make words using random letters. Graffiti is writing on another person's property without their permission.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? scrabble
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? scrabble
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: He usually scrabbles round the way how he'll be liked by the fussy girl does this sound natural?
A: 😁 you really like testing the limits, don't you? Good 👍 that's how you'll learn. No - not natural. I'm completely uncertain of what you mean. Can you say it another way?
Q: When I was playing "scrabble", there was a word "deaw". Does anybody know what is that? Thanks in advance!
A: Oh I just looked it up and it is an old way to spell “dew” but it is never used anymore. It is NOT a word you should learn. When playing scrabble there are word lists people memorize just because they are short and use high value letters. This would be from one of those lists.
Q: I quit scrabble because my eyes have been so tired.Long time ago, I had been too obsessed with tetoris: a game of “game boy”,and I had been needed glasses. So I’m afraid my eyes will be worse again. does this sound natural?
A: I quit playing scrabble because my eyes were tired. The same thing happened when I was a kid obsessed with Tetris on the Game Boy. Back then I needed glasses and I don't want that to happen again. You did ok. You just used too many words. Keep it up!!! ^0^
Q: I played scrabble game for the first time today. I had visited the Tokyo scrabble club. The members were so friendly and they told me the rules in detail.They were playing it seriously. It was so fun.I just watched them though. After that I played a scrabble on my phone. The counting way is little bit complicated.I would like to play it with my children,so I need to get it.But iPhone automatically did it.I have to get a real opponent and practice it. does this sound natural?
A: Today I played scrabble for the first time. I visited the Tokyo scrabble club. The members were very friendly and they taught me all the rules in detail. They were playing very seriously. It was a lot of fun. I did not play but I watched. After that I played scrabble on my phone. *in this part I am not 100% sure of your meaning* (The counting way?) is a little bit complicated. I would like to play scrabble with my children, so I need to (buy?) it. I would like to play against a real opponent not only with the automatic iPhone app. *is this helpful?

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