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Q: What does our scripture mean?
A: words/teachings from the bible

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Q: What is the difference between scripture and bible ?
A: They are the same thing. The scriptures are all the books in the Bible and the Bible is filled with all the scriptures. Does that make sense? If not I can find another way to explain.
Q: What is the difference between scripture and Bible ?
A: Scripture usually means a part of holy writings. A liturgist might say "our Scripture reading for today is John 3:16-17. Bible refers to the entire Christian holy text, all 66 books/letters.

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Q: Compare scriptures to scriptures or compare scriptures with scriptures?
concern with you or concern about you?
A: You can say comparing scripture to other scriptures and concerned about you
Q: That scripture is so touching does this sound natural?
A: try to pronounce the t's alittle better!
Q: ​​A) I have 5 major Scripture verses that constitutes my disciplines.
B) I have 5 major scripture verses that I regard as my disciplines. does this sound natural?
A: There are 5 major Scriptures that describe my faith (or my beliefs or what I believe)

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