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    2. "Scruff up" means to scratch or scrape fluff something so that it is no longer as smooth. Examples, "She scruffed up his hair so that he would not look so serious." "The ball was so smooth it was hard to hold so he scruffed it up with his fingernails to make it rougher."

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    2. A scuff is like a scratch in the previous asked question but less noticeable perhaps. It’s not a very common word.

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    2. They all mean the same thing, but are used slightly differently. Scuff - 3rd most common, it is used when two objects slide against each other, like a shoe scuffing on a floor. Scratch - most common, it is used when a sharp object rubs against a non-sharp object, like fingernails on skin. Abrasion - least common, it is used when two rough objects rub against each other, like sand paper on wood. Scrape - 2nd most common, it is used when skin has been cut and you are hurt, like when sliding down a rocky hill in shorts. I hope this helps. 😃

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