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Q: What does scuttle mean?
A: If you've ever picked up a rock with a crab under it and watched the crab run away, the crab is scuttling. It's that sort of walk.

When you use it about a human, it creates an image of the person running away like a scared crab.
Q: What does "scuttle off down" mean?
A: It might be British English. I’ve never heard it before. I’m an American.
Q: What does scuttle around mean?
A: 😂 I love that word

It means to move around, but it gives off a vibe of an animal, like a bug scuttling around or something like that. I find it funny
Q: What does scuttle off mean?
A: escabullirse

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Q: What is the difference between Scuttle or scuttle forward and Run ?
A: “Scuttle” is to move quickly with small steps like a crab or a mouse
“Run” is to move quickly (in general)
Q: What is the difference between scuttle and hatch ?
A: Can you clarify the context?

For ships, a hatch is a door and to scuttle is to sink (intentionally).

For animals, to hatch is to get out of an egg and to scuttle is to walk like a crab.

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