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    2. Overall structure and logic is clear in my opinion! Didn't know how to givd you suggestions so I just made changes in capital letters. Hope it makes sense :) please only take my advice if you think it suits you! :) Teacher's professonal development WITH the increasing requirements for the development of education THESE DAYS, it is highlighted that teacher's SHOULD CONTINUOUSLY STRIVE FOR professional competence THROUGHOUT their professional liVES. Some people with a STRONG command of a foreign language may not be able to teach it very well, while others with a general command of English can teach it effectively. Therefore, it is believed that learning English well does not necessarily mean that they can teach English well. So what are critical elements for the growth of an English teacher? IN MY OPINION there are three aspects: ethic devotion, desired personal styles and most importantly, professional competence. Among theSE QUALITIES, the most significant and difficult is the development of professional ability, which is being adequately qualified for the profession and armed with a specific range of skills, strategies, teaching methodology, etc. There is no doubt IN saying that a teacher's professional development HAS NO END. Thus, how CAN the professional competence OF TEACHERS BE ENHANCED? According to the reflective model proposed by Wallance, the development of professional competence involves stage 1, stage 2, and an ultimate goal. In stage 1, language developement is an initial requirement for an English teacher, who needs to have an excellent command of English. Since English is always EVOLVING, language THE TEAHCER'S development ALSO seemINGly never comes to an end. In the stage 2 it is more complicated AS IT CONTAINS three elements: leaRning, practice and reflection. IN THE learning stage, teachers need preparation before ENTERING real practice. In this stage, the insight they GAIN from other teachers, BOOKS received by (AND THEORIES), AND PERSONAL TEACHING EXPERIENCES can their help them IMPROVE. Next comes to the step of practicing. TWO kinds of practices are included here: internship, which is usually guided by A professor, and practice, in A real workING ENVIRONMENT. TEAVHERS WILL BENEFIT MORE WHEN practice is combined with ongoing reflection. The ultimate goal is to enhance the teacher’s professional competence, and this goal deserves THE continuous efforts OF TEACHERS TO LEARN, practicE and reflect THROUGHOUT THEIR CAREER. Thus teacherS need to have the faith in the first place before entering into the educational career. (A USEFUL WORD HERE MIGHT BE "COMMITMENT" :)) All in all, teaching is an art as well as a science. As student teachers it is necessary to bear in mind that efforts for professional development DO NOT END when they graduate, but IN FACT just BEGIN ONCE they enter school.

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    2. Instead say, “The photographers were asked to take pictures of someone. The purpose of the pictures are to convey the information...” After the “...” this can change depending on the topic exactly. So it can say, “the purpose of the pictures are to convey the information the photographer wants to show” or “the person” in place of photographer!

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    2. cute is more adorable or even precious

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