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    2. Corrections are in capitals: Could anybody correct the following composition for me? Dear Amy, You asked me to tell you something about the Dragon Boat Festival on your letter, and I'LL BE GLAD TO RESPOND. As a traditional Chinese festival, the festival has a history of over 2,000 years. It’s on May 5th of the lunar canlendar. The festival is celebrated in memory of a national hero of us named Qu Yuan. We Chinese respect him a lot because he fought against someone who wanted to rebel their country and COMMITTED SUICIDE by jumping into A river in great grief UPON hearing THAT his country was/HAD BEEN invaded. People loved him so much that they sUrged towards the river (, WHICH HE JUMPED INTO,) ON THEIR BOATS and threw some rice balls into the water SO that the fish would not CONSUME his body. And that’s why we celebrate the Dragon Boat festival by having dragon boat races and eatING zongzi. I hope that someday you can come to China and celebrate this meaningful festival!

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