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    2. Perceived is a verb similar to believed in this case. The word perceive is complex. It includes seeing or hearing something and an opinion or belief about what they saw or heard. The noun version of the word is perception and someone's perception is not always a fact. Novelty means how unique an something is or no ordinary. In this case ideas are being referred to. Together, this means that the ideas the multitaskers had were unique and different.

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    2. sheer "complete and total" grit "informal : mental toughness and courage " if you're still confused, just ignore "sheer".

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    2. With just his natural strength. For example, "He pulled it open with his sheer strength" meaning he pulled it open with his hands. Usually used when you need to be really strong to do the task.

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    2. Sheer has two meanings: 1. Total, absolute, nothing other than (it emphasizes what you're trying to say). Example - "She ate the cake with sheer delight", "That tv show is filled with sheer nonsense". It sounds kind of poetic, maybe not necessarily a casual way of speaking. 2. A texture of a material that is slightly shiny. Example - "I want sheer curtains in our living room" "I like the shirt she's wearing, the green, sheer one."

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    2. sheer is used to emphasize that something is complete and not mixed with anything Ex. He's music is sheer delight. Pure is a substance not mixed with anything. ex. It was pure gold.

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    2. It's been highly controversial whether history courses should be required for all students regardless of their field of study, or kept to solely history related major students. I'm in favor of the former opinion and the reason to substantiate my opinion will be expatiated in the subsequent paragraphs. For starters, I would like to point out the fact that the knowledge we have nowadays is accrued through the progress of history itself; conversely, the work and attainment are predicated on those of the predecessors, without whom we can never achieve what we have today. I am convinced that history class is not simply about the sheer retention of knowledge, but rather a reminder of contributions by precursors, who serve as trailblazers and even die as some. For instance, the field of Psychology, a subject that does not seem related to history whatsoever, is actually all about history. Each theory that has been developed and published has different historical backgrounds. Case in point, the experiment of learning theory was initially conducted by constantly terrifying a baby named Albert, which, in turn, left Albert with an indelible unpleasant memory for the rest of his life. Think about how that impacts a person's life for a second. Albert was used as a tool to provide us insights into the mystery of human behavior. I think it is ungrateful if we do not know the history at all. Taken together, I think that all students of whichever major should take history classes alike. Simple changes, but very well written! Good use of vocabulary

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    2. Check the question to view the answer

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    2. He basically convinced the business to stay by granting them leniencies on their business taxes. So his critics are saying okay he won a small victory, but he didn't really win he bribed them to stay.

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    2. sheer ~ = nothing other than ~, completely ~ and nothing else sheer entertainment = only entertainment; not education or social improvement or anything else

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    2. へえー、名詞に感じるんですか…なるほど。でも名詞なのは「boredom 」だけです。「out of sheer boredom」が文法的にいったい何なのかはよくわかりませんが、つまり「simply because I'm bored」と同じような意味を表します。原因・理由です。

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    2. I feel sheer bliss to be able to sleep in until the afternoon.

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