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Q: What does shepherd mean?
A: Someone who takes care of sheep, or farm animals. Similar to a farmer.
Q: What does the shepherd mean?
A: Un hombre que trabaja con ovejas ... o, a veces, metaforicamente, alguien que cuida otras personas.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? you are my shepherd, I have nothing to lose.
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Q: Please show me how to pronounce shepherd .
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Q: I made shepherd's pie.
I used only mince and onions.
What else do you put in?
A: Sometimes you can add tomato purée or canned tomatoes. Also carrot and/or celery can be added.
Q: How does a shepherd ask his sheep
"Come here!" and "Go away!", I mean which words or sounds does they use?
( I know ,for example; if you want to call a cat you might say "here, kitty kitty!", or "tsk-tsk!" or "tut-tut!"; and if you want to drive away a chicken you might say "shoo shoo!")

In Persian , a shepherd says "Herrrr!" for 'Come here!" and "Berrr!" for 'Go, or Go away!" :)
A: @j007: C'mere for Come here. G'way or G'way You for Go away

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