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    2. a Shiba Inu

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    2. What are your hobbies? What is it that you’re into?

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    2. Is this dog shiba (inu)breed? is his breed shiba (inu)? As i have seen outside japan breed of dogs are know as “shiba inu” “akita inu” and so on, instead of only “shiba” “akita” apart from “inu”

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    2. After that, I also speak a little Hakka, hokkien and Cantonese. Then, I can also speak more than 100 Japanese dialects. I also study other Japanese dialects and Chinese dialects now. I find it interesting to learn languages and dialects. The more languages and dialects I speak, the more excited I am. I have learned karate, taekwondo and nanyang wushu. Last October, I began to learn karate, taekwondo and nanyang wushu. After I finish karate, taekwondo and nanyang wushu, I want to go to Japan to learn their martial arts. Japan has the most martial arts. After I finish learning Japanese martial arts, I will go to China to learn their martial arts. *After studying martial arts,* (removed sentence) I will go back to Japan. *I also like learning and playing all kinds of musical instruments.* I was really excited when I learned to play an instrument again. *I usually like listening to music, singing, dancing, sports, fitness, yoga, rhythmic exercise, dancing and reading* *I also like to bake and cook my own pastries and desserts.* (Removed a sentence) *In fact, I have home cooked a lot of Chinese, Japanese and Western food.* I love to eat hakka’s, fuchow’s, Japanese, Italian, French, and Malaysian food. * The house I want to live in is a luxurious and gorgeous villa. *I like living alone and freely.* I like to plant some beautiful flowers (roses of different colors, roses, lilies, tulips, chrysanthemums and cherry blossoms) in the front yard of this luxurious and gorgeous villa. I like to plant winter cherry. I like to grow many vegetables and fruits in the backyard of my villa. I keep 10 shiba inu in the front yard and 10 huskies in the back yard. I also have Pekingese, shih tzu, Pomeranian, Japanese spritz and akita inu. I’m a beauty major, beauty consultant professional, baking major, Japanese major, English major, LCCI accounting, typing major, computer systems professional, bookkeeping major. And then, I* love to read Sherlock Holmes because I love to read a lot of mystery and detective novels.* I developed the habit when I was a child. I loved to study since I was a child.* How did I manage to concentrate so much on my studies? Because of the habits I developed when I was a child. When I was at school, I never dozed off. I'm the kind of person who pays close attention to the teacher. I study very hard and listen to the teacher in everything I do. When the classmates next to me talk to me, I don't talk to them. Most of me *is* totally absorbed in the teacher's lecture. I have been working hard for my things. I'm a very independent person. I seldom depend on my parents. When I was young, I would depend on my parents. But when I grow up, I have a lot of things to do by myself. Therefore, I have been studying since childhood to create a better future for myself. I started to learn to cook from my grandmother when I was 10 years old. My parents never worried about me. They are at ease in my study. I handle everything myself. *I seldom ask my parents to help me because my parents are very busy with work.* (Last sentence is repetitive and not needed). *Editor's note: You don't need to separate your lists into 2 different sentences. Try to keep them in 1 sentence. Try not to use the word "also" so many times. It makes your writing repetitive. Other than that, well done! Good luck with your studies! I believe in you! :D 😁

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