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Q: What does shivering mean?
A: Shaking when you are scared or cold
After seeing the ghost, John was so scared he began to shiver
It was so cold, I could not stop shivering!
Q: What does "that send shivers down Dahyun's neck" why can't use send shiver "to" Dahyun's neck? mean?
A: sendingal a shiver is not a transmitting signal from someother body or something it's a feeling you get from thinking yourself.That is why it's "down" and not "to".Also 'close to one' is just another way of saying 'close'. + Передача дрожания не является передающим сигналом от какого-то другого тела или что-то такое, что вы чувствуете от мысли себя. Вот почему это «вниз», а не «к». Также «близко к одному» - это еще один способ сказать «закрыть», ,
Q: What does shiver
A: 'shiver' is the vibrating motion your body goes through when you feel really cold.
Q: What does shiver mean?
A: Its a cold sensation your body feels

When you go outside and you feel a slight breeze on the back of your neck it sends a shiver down your back

Really cold weather makes you shiver

Kinda related to when its really cold your teeth "chatter"
Q: What does shivers mean?
A: Shaking due to either cold or fear.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with shiver .
A: If your cold you shiver, shake is used for many things. You can shake a branch but you can’t shiver a branch.

It was so cold that I started to shiver
I forgot my jacket so I ended up shivering while I waited for the train
Q: Please show me example sentences with "shiver".
A: “Getting out the shower without clothes makes me shiver and get goosebumps a bit.”

“The cold weather makes people with barely any warmth shiver.”

“This movie is so creepy even regular scenes make me shiver with fear.”
Q: Please show me example sentences with shiver.
A: he is shivering with fever.. he got shivered when he made a mistake...
Q: Please show me example sentences with shiver.
A: A shiver is running through my body due to this episode.
Q: Please show me example sentences with To shiver with .
A: He began to shiver with the cough and lack of a jacket in the winter cold.

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Q: What is the difference between shiver and shudder ?
A: Great question.

Shiver is much more about cold.
For example, "It was so cold in that room that everyone was shivering!"

Shudder is what you do when you think of something really bad or scary. For example, "I shudder to think about what he will do when he hears what happened." It's very similar to "send chills down one's spine." So, it is more figurative than shiver.
Q: What is the difference between shiver and tremble ?
A: I think what she means is, to shiver is when you shake when you’re cold or have some kind of emotional stimulus. This reaction lasts for maybe a second and can either have a positive or negative connotation when used. (Ex. “I shivered when the ice slid down my shirt.” OR “I shivered with excitement when I heard them call for an encore.”)

When you’re trembling you’re have a slight involuntary shaking, but the shaking lasts longer and this word is typically used with a negative context. The word can also be used to create/describe a nervous atmosphere (Ex. The avalanche left me trembling beneath the tree.”
(Ex. of nervousness/excitement “I waited my turn for my performance and trembled at the sound of the applause.”)
Q: What is the difference between shiver and tremble ?
A: A shiver is usually much quicker, and is caused by cold or fear. Trembles are usually caused by sheer terror.
Q: What is the difference between shiver and shake and tremble and shudder ?
A: I shiver when it's cold.
I shake my head, "no".
I tremble because I am scared.
I shudder because something disgusting or gross just happened.
Q: What is the difference between shiver and chill ?
A: As a verb shiver is what your body does when it gets cold, the way you shake and your teeth chatter. And to chill is generally to cool down (also emotionally) or, of course, to relax. As a nouns they as quite similar but a chill has more to do with temperature and a shiver with the physical and emotional effect. But a scary horror movie could give you a chill and give you a shiver. See BYU-BNC: BRITISH NATIONAL CORPUS or CORPUS OF GLOBAL WEB-BASED ENGLISH (GloWbE) for more examples.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? shivering or shaking. I am shivering with cold
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Just thinking about it makes me shiver. does this sound natural?
A: We also have the word "shudder", which some people might say is better, but I do not know enough about the situation.

"to shake, usually because you are thinking of something bad
Q: It sends shivers down my spine. does this sound natural?
A: For expressions like this, it (shivers down my spine) sounding natural really depends on when you use it. Hope this helps!
Q: I'm shivering. does this sound natural?
A: 完璧! 

Q: shivering does this sound natural?
A: Si, lo dijiste bien ^•^
Q: What sent shivers down my spine is that as soon as I walked into the the house, I heard the door slam shut behind me. does this sound natural?
A: is → was
Make sure tenses are consistent. Other than that it's perfect.

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