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Q: What does you are shoe mean?
A: ''You're a shoe" is a slang phrase which means "you're a person who is not satisfied with whatever he does''.
Q: What does shoe mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does you're a shoe mean?
A: You're a shoe? I've never heard this before, haha
Q: What does you are a shoe mean?
A: I think it means, "You're dumb". It's just slang :)
Q: What does if the shoe fits wear it mean?

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Q: Please show me example sentences with The shoe fits .
A: Her: Are you saying I stole ______
Me: Well, if the shoe fits!

Me: Are you trying to say I can't sing?
Him: If the shoe fits.

This phrase means 'if it makes sense' and is usually used in a negative sense when accusing someone
Q: Please show me example sentences with shoe repair shop.
A: ' Shoe repair shop ' means , the shop where you can have your shoes repaired.

Someone repair your shoes for you.
Q: Please show me example sentences with how can I say the shoe racks is not broken but when I touch it, it start to shake up. I need and adjective to describe that.
A: The shoe rack isn't broken but when I touch it, it starts to shake
Q: Please show me example sentences with If the shoe fits.
A: It's an expression that could mean "if its clearly meant to be, make it happen." Or, "if all signs point to yes, then it must be true," Or "if it was meant for you, accept it."

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Q: What is the difference between shoe store and shoes store ?
A: The 'shoes store' doesn't exist. We just call it the shoe store.

'Shoes' is just the plural of 'shoe'.

"My shoes are old so, I need to go to the shoe store."
Q: What is the difference between The shoe shop and The shoes shop ?
A: Thank you😊
I make sense that means.
Q: What is the difference between shoe and shoes ?
A: 'Shoe' is singular and 'shoes' is plural.
E.g. My shoe broke.
She owns a lots of shoes.
Q: What is the difference between shoe and shoes ?
A: A shoe would refer to just one shoe.

Shoes is plural so it would refer to two or more shoes.

حذاء يشير إلى حذاء واحد فقط.

الأحذية هي الجمع لذلك فإنه يشير إلى اثنين أو أكثر من الأحذية.
Q: What is the difference between shoe cupboard and shoe shelf ?
A: I actually have never heard "shoe shelf" - usually people say "shoe rack." And "shoe cabinet" instead of "shoe cupboard."

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? If the shoe (or cap) fits, wear it. and a hit dog will holler

do they have the same meaning?
A: They are similar, but not exactly the same. “A hit dog will holler” usually means that someone trying to defend themself too much, comes across as guilty.

“If the shoe (or cap) fits” usually means if you’re being criticized about something, but the criticism is true, you should accept it
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? the new shoe is stiff, so it ankle.
A: My new shoes are so stiff and uncomfortable. My ankles hurt from them.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? (about shoe size) 7 1/2
A: @eliza_seoulless

Thank you.

Seven and "a" half.
↑Is it need "a", isn't it?

Which is more natural, "seven and a half" or "seven point five"?
Or both are OK?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? shoe is torn or broken
A: I would say
The sole is coming loose on my/your/his/her shoe.
The sole is coming off the shoe.

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Q: I got a shoe sore. These shoes might not fit me well. does this sound natural?
A: I meant to vote natural, I’m sorry! But yeah, it sounds natural
Q: "If this shoe suits you, wear it." does this sound natural?
A: If the shoe fits, wear it.

This American idiom is often shortened to "if the shoe fits. It means that if someone says something that applies to you, you should accept it as fair criticism.

(The British use a similar idiom, "If the cap fits, wear it", which means exactly the same thing.)

For example, if someone says that English learners often make a mistake and they are explaining how to correct that mistake, you're friend might turn to you and say "If the shoe fits." This means that if you make that same mistake all the time, then you should take this advice.
Q: I bought a new shoe rack ,which is made of wood.
Which below sentences are natural?
"I'm gonna set up a shoe rack"
"I'm gonna assemble a shoe rack"
"I'm gonna put together a shoe rack"
A: can't be assembled. assemble is when you have shoe rack in parts. and you have to join all parts. and put together seems like there are 2-3 shoe racks and you are keeping them at one place
Q: in a shoe store, a clerk says
1. what's your size? 2. what's your shoe size? which make more sense? does this sound natural?
A: It depends, but if you are already talking about shoes, they would most likely say "what's your size?" But if you ask them to get shoes for you, they might just say "what size?"
Q: (At a shoe repair shop) I wonder if I get soles on these. does this sound natural?
A: Or
Is it possible to make the soles on these boots non-slip?
(They may have a process that does not involve replacing the soles.)

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