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Q: What does mental shortcut mean?
A: Yes. In modern terms it might be described as a 'brain hack', such as the Memory Palace technique.
Q: What does to shortcut mean?
A: Taking an easier or a quicker route to achieve something or reach somewhere.
Q: What does shortcuts mean?
Q: What does shortcuts mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does P.S is a shortcut for what ? mean?
A: P.S. is an abbreviation of postscript from the Latin post scriptum meaning written after. Its common usage is after the signature in a letter (or modern times an email) to add to the letter. Postscript can be anything from a word, sentence, to many paragraphs..

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Q: Please show me example sentences with a shortcut to ........
A: I’m going to take a shortcut to school.

If we take a shortcut we will get there faster!

You can learn a shortcut on the computer to work faster.
Q: Please show me example sentences with shortcut.
A: "We'll take the shortcut home."
"There's a shortcut to the shop."
Q: Please show me example sentences with shortcut.
A: There is a lot of traffic on the main road. Luckily. I know a short cut down one of the backroads.

There are no shortcuts to learning a language. You need to study hard.

Synonyms of "Shortcut" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between shortcut and cutoff ?
A: shortcut = raccourci, it's a way to get from one place to another that is quicker/shorter than your originally planned route. For example, if I were walking home, I might be able to get home faster by taking a shortcut through somebody's yard. You can also have a figurative shortcut: for example the expression, "in life there are no shortcuts" (you have to work if you want to succeed).

cutoff is a less common word with many different meanings. Usally it refers to a threshold or deadline (seuil or limite):

* The low income cutoff is $17,000 a year.
* He felt that the age 60 cutoff was arbitrary.
* Eight o'clock's the cutoff.

In engineering systems (like electrical systems) it can refer to a device that turns off the system if conditions become dangerous (mécanisme de coupure):

* Fail safe power cutoff switches provide high voltage switching device protection.

It can also refer to a road that functions as a shortcut:

* In 1937, a new cutoff bypassed Darwin, isolating the town.

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Q: What is the difference between shortcut and cutting corners ?
A: They both mean to go the shorter or easier way.

The difference is that "shortcut" is a noun. "Cutting corners" is a verb.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Take a shortcut
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: shortcuts to life's lessons
shortcut to life's lessons

What's the correct pfrase for that??
A: There are no shortcuts to life’s lessons/There is no shortcut to life’s lessons. It’s your choice.
Q: I found the shortcut way of going to the tower B on my way back to my office. does this sound natural?
A: “I found a shortcut to tower B on my way back to the office.” :)
Q: Follow me! I know A shortcut.
Follow me! I know THE shortcut.

which one is correct?
A: @dontcry Both are correct. You can use the first sentence if there is more than one shortcut. If there is only one shortcut, use the second sentence.
Q: There are no shortcut to master foreign language does this sound natural?
A: There is no shortcut to mastering a foreign language.
It is quite complicated to explain the 'ing' usage after 'to' so I found a reference from pros to help you out.This is often overlooked even by native speakers‘to’-i-e-when-to-use-ing-form-after-to
Q: The shortcut to effortless success without a silver-spoon in your mouth is to fill your inner-circle with people who has already made it big and will bump your level up to near theirs. does this sound natural?
A: You don't need to say "near" even if that's what you really mean. I would say "... and it will bump your level up to theirs."

Or even better, "... and it will elevate you to their level."

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