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Q: What does shrill mean?
A: A piercing sound that is high-pitched and might make your ears hurt, or be very annoying. Someone running their fingernails across a chalkboard might cause a shrill sound (that many people are familiar with!).

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Q: What is the difference between shrill and screech ?
A: Shrill is an adjective and means "high-pitched". A voice can be shrill if it is perceived as being sharp and quite aggressive. It is normally only used of women's voices. "Screech" is a verb and it means to shout or scream in fear or anger. Again, it is usually used to describe the way a woman might sound. Neither "shrill" nor "screech" is complimentary but "shrill" is more critical
Q: What is the difference between shrill and clatter ?
A: Clatter is a kind of sound, like a crash. “They heard a clatter outside”
Shrill is an adjective meaning high-pitched. “Her scream was shrill.” “They heard a shrill noise outside.”

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Q: A shrill and minute singing stole upon his heating.
Heating means nose?
Thank you?
A: Thanks for the additional information. Based on what I can find, I still think it's a typing error. I would guess the singing is the wolf pup's whimpering.

1. I did some searches to see if there are more abstract uses of "heating", but nothing points to anything remotely close to the nose. It's all related to temperature heat or at most abstract heat of emotions.
2. Shrill is almost entirely used to describe sound, especially when singing is in the same sentence.
3. T and R are right next to each other on the keyboard. Pressing the wrong one wouldn't be hard to imagine. I have no idea what kind of publication you're reading. If it's a web story of some kind, people make small mistakes like this all the time.
Q: Please show me how to pronounce shrill.
A: thank's

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