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Q: What does sike mean?
A: When you say something and actually something else is the truth, you can say sike. It’s a youth slang kind of like ‘just kidding!’
“I don’t look good today. Sike! I look amazing.”
“It took me 8 hours to complete.”
“Say sike right now.” (tell me you’re kidding/not serious)
Q: What does sike mean?
A: Sike is an incorrect spelling of “psych”. It’s a slang meaning “just kidding” or “I got you!”, often when you make someone think something that isn’t true as a joke.

It’s spelled psych because it comes from “psychological”, like you messed with their mind.
Q: What does sike mean?
A: just kidding, playing, joking, fooled you
Q: What does sike mean?
A: since its spelt wrong, im assuming yhey mean it in a joking/childish/annoying way.
it means what they said before was a lie.


"your new shoes look great on you! sike!"
Q: What does sike mean?
A: It is something that is said when someone else falls for a prank

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Q: Please show me example sentences with sike .
A: Sike doesn't exist. Check and try again.
Q: Please show me example sentences with sike.
A: Hmmm 🤔

I think it’s supposed to be “psych”, which is when someone tricks you with words in a specific way. It’s pronounced differently than it’s spelled.

I’m not sure, at first it sounds like he is going to say ‘base is better than _______’ but he says something different instead. Maybe he’s trying to get you to think ‘base is better than violin’ but at the last second he changes it. So it was a trick.

* bass


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