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Q: "you are not supposed to do it"
"you don't get to do it"

i know they mean the simillar thing but what's the difference??
A: 'You are not suppose to do it' is polite and like a warning or reminder. 'you don't get to do it' is the lack of right or privilege to do it.
Q: what is the different between have and had? , it has simillar meaning and both are can be used at past tense, im confused when i have to use had or have
A: HAD is a past tense for both HAVE and HAS

HAVE = Used for Plural
HAS = Used for Singular

They have a ball. (They: plural)
She has a key. (She: singular)

We HAD dinner together, last night. (WE: PLURAL)
He HAD a choker tied around his neck. (HE: SINGULAR)
Q: how much simillar are american enlish and canadian english?
A: Canadian and American English are very much the same, but they do also use British English so some words and spellings will be a little different. Canadians will understand American English just fine.

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