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Q: What does thick skinned mean?
A: doesn't get insulted / offended easily
Q: What does skinned knee crying? mean?
A: the sentence itself ("skinned knee crying") makes no sense.
skinned knee is when you fall or something happens and you cut your knee to where you're bleeding (like falling off of your bike and your knee hits the concrete and it gets cut).
crying could be because your skinned knee hurts.
however in a sentence, it could be used like "she skinned her knee so she's crying". :)
Q: What does I tripped and skinned my knee. mean?
A: Trip = catch your foot on something, fall over

Skin = graze, take the skin off

I fell over and took skin off my knee.

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Q: What is the difference between fair skinned and light skinned ?
A: They both mean the same thing and can also be used interchangeably with pale when describing skin tone.
Q: What is the difference between #1 Is he white skinned? and #2 Is he white? ?
A: 네, 알겠습니다 :)

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Q: " white skinned", is this word offensive? May I use the word when I am in US?
A: I don’t see what’s wrong with it nor do I think anyone should be offended. It all likely depend on contexts for it to offend anyone. Preferably if you’re talking about race, I’d drop the “skinned” part and refer the term as (a) white people/person.
Q: I'm yellow skinned. does this sound natural?
A: Natural, but some may find it offensive.
Q: She is fair skinned chubby girl.

Every time I hug her she groans like a cat.

I’m sure she knows how to coax the engine to start.

does this sound natural?
A: 😂 Where are u getting this from?
Q: How should I say "He is black" or "he is dark - skinned"
A: "He is dark skinned" is more polite, but not used as much. "He is black" is much more common. Another option is "He is African-American."

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