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Q: What does Skinny dipping mean?
A: 😂😂thanks
Q: What does Skinny girl mean?
A: a very thin girl
Q: What does Skinny queen mean?
A: I have never come across this phrase "skinny queen" as an English speaker. If you're asking what skinny means, it is when a person (especially) or thing is very thin
Q: What does Skinny mean?
A: Skinny also means very thin.
Q: What does Skinny Little Bitch. mean?
A: It's an insult for a mean, thin woman :(

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Skinny love.
The explanation is at this link.

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Q: What is the difference between Skinny and slim and thin ?
A: skinny and slim is usually when talking about humans or animal bodies. Thin can be used for anything, like paper, walls, patience.
Q: What is the difference between Skinny and Slim and Thin ?
A: Os três significam magro/esguio

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Q: "Skinny" what dose it look like? what kind of body I can describe with it?
A: It means slim, like very little fat. In men it can mean not much muscle.
Q: Can I use "Skinny" in the same way that I use "Thin" and "Heavy" in the same way that I use "Fat"?(to refers to people)
Q: This is how I really look a like. Skinny, short hair and limp. Does this sound natural?
A: This is what I really look like. Skinny, short hair and (? Your hair is limp? You have a limp? Your body is limp?)

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