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    2. Wow, what a fun question. :) Slobber is usually used to describe large amounts of saliva produced by a dog. You can use it for a person, but it’s kind of like comparing them to a dog. Slobber is always messy. Dribble is a little drool. Drool is when saliva leaks out of your mouth. You might drool if you fall asleep with your mouth open, or you’re so overcome with desire for something you don’t notice that saliva is running down your chin. Drool and slobber can be used metaphorically, meaning strong desire. If a guy is staring at a hot girl you could say “You’re drooling” even if there is no actual drool. Slobber carries the additional idea of clumsy, silly or stupid. Don’t slobber all over my new jacket.

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    2. @ravynxx: thank you very much!

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    2. For me, I use slobber with animals and drool for people, but this isn’t a rule of any kind. “The dog slobbered everywhere.” “The dog’s slobber was all over my shoes.” “I always drool in my sleep.” “I woke up with dried drool on my face.”

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