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    2. slang kind of it is like saying that you are happiest you could be

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    2. Slop-as a verb means to pour in a messy manner. "The waitress slopped the soup in the bowl and spilled it everywhere." "Be careful with that bucket. You are slopping water everywhere." Slop is more common as a noun (meaning food that is of poor quality "I can't eat this slop. It tastes terrible" or "I wouldn't feed this slop to pigs") and as an adverb (sloppy), meaning the opposite of neat. "He is a very sloppy housekeeper." "He is such a sloppy dresser. It looks like he got dressed in the dark." Slip has several meanings To slide a short distance-The man slipped on the ice. To tell a secret-Mary let it slip that we were planning a party. To leave secretly-The party was boring, so we slipped out the back. To drop in accuracy or performance-Ton, this is your third mistake today. Why are you slipping? For time to pass quickly-We were just talking and the night just slipped away. There are many more uses of Slip.

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    2. “I can’t eat this slop, it tastes disgusting.” “What is that slop all over the floor?”

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    2. "Splash" is like jumping into a pool. It throws water everywhere. "I turned the sink on too high and water splashed onto my clothes." "Slosh" is like gently shaking a water bottle. "After drinking a lot of water, my belly sloshed when I moved." "Slop" is usually used as a noun. It means "pig food" or anything kind of どろどろ like that. "I can't believe the slop they serve at that restaurant."

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    2. Splatter is when something is a mess or all over the place. Like paint or a drink, "She splattered the paint all over the canvas." Slop is another kind of mess which is usually looks like sludge or goo. It is also defined what is fed to pigs. "The science experiment left the room in a sloppy mess."

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    2. "Slosh" usually refers to a large amount of liquid moving around within a container (for example in a bucket). But depending on the context it can also refer to tea sloshing around in a cup or water sloshing around in your stomach because you drank too much. "Splash over" means the liquid has spilled over the edges of a container. It's almost the same as "spill", only when people say "splash" I tend to think of something messier and more dramatic. "Spill" is a more neutral word that's all-encompassing. "Slop over" isn't very common. I haven't heard it in real life, only in novels. To me, it definitely sounds more dramatic than "spill" but less so than "splash". It also gives me the impression of a thicker, more viscous liquid, probably dirty. For example, the stinking liquid slopped over the edges of the chamber pot. Anyway, hope this rambling answer was somewhat helpful!

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    2. Be careful not to spill.

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