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    2. Moving irregularly with a splashing sound, moving through liquid with a splashing sound or pouring liquid clumsily.

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    2. "Slosh" usually refers to a large amount of liquid moving around within a container (for example in a bucket). But depending on the context it can also refer to tea sloshing around in a cup or water sloshing around in your stomach because you drank too much. "Splash over" means the liquid has spilled over the edges of a container. It's almost the same as "spill", only when people say "splash" I tend to think of something messier and more dramatic. "Spill" is a more neutral word that's all-encompassing. "Slop over" isn't very common. I haven't heard it in real life, only in novels. To me, it definitely sounds more dramatic than "spill" but less so than "splash". It also gives me the impression of a thicker, more viscous liquid, probably dirty. For example, the stinking liquid slopped over the edges of the chamber pot. Anyway, hope this rambling answer was somewhat helpful!

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