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    2. This question is hard to answer without more sentences before it, because "jarring" has a few meanings here. However, I found where this question came from, and in that context it means to "hit" or "shake" a tree. Imagine a cherry blossom tree, and you want the leaves to fall off, you could "shake" the tree. To "jar" the tree means to hit or shake it harder. Thus, "cherries, because they are more smaller, need more jarring" could mean "cherries, because they are smaller, need to be shaken harder, to fall from the tree." I hope you can understand me. ^^

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    2. The Reason For My Impulse Buy I replaced my headphones with much smaller ones. Although the functions such as noise canceling are the same, I felt the need to reduce the weight on my head as much as possible. Or just "... to reduce their weight as much as ..."

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